Student Education & Exploration Program

Student Education & Exploration Program, through this we promote mainstreaming youth participation at an International level experiential learning aligned with the curriculum as it offers opportunities for students to research, study, and build the skills and competencies required to address validated social environmental needs both near and far.

What is SEEP?

SEEP is an implemented project geared towards expanding the activities of Indian Students by making available exchange and experiential learning programs with foreign students on the elementary, middle, high school and university level. Student exchange & Experiential Learning programs are for a school year but definitely they are an opportunity of a lifetime.


Our goal is to offer the Students, Teachers and Youths a wide range of special discounts and benefits in exchanging Education, Travel, Culture, Entertainment, Sports, Internship and others. We constantly strive to involve in brightening the everyday life of any student.

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What We Offer?
  • The VIP program where they will strengthen the aspects of Volunteering, innovating, participating.
  • Experiential learning
  • Knowledge sharing activities, Travel, Entertainment, Sports, Internship and Others
  • Exposure to foreign institutions and understanding of their culture.
  • Participants get to share their knowledge and also inherit some from the students of the member institutions
  • Participants will receive a valid participation certificate.